Sunday, May 31, 2009

The big planting day!

Phew! Now I'm done with all the planting! It was a lot of work and way too hot but I'm really pleased with the result. I really DO need to get some kind if shading on my balcony though. It gets REALLY hot there when the sun reaches the balcony (even if I did most of the planting before the sun had fully reached around the house)

The corner

I call this part of the balcony "the corner". In the hanging flower box I've planted white runner beans /rosenbönor and sugar peas/sockerärtor. The runner beans are fast growing and will cover the trellis to block people's view (especially important since this side of the balcony faces a neighboring balcony). And well sugar peas are a MUST! I love munching on them! Yum! And since the balcony is my replacement garden things to eat are as important to have here as it was in my garden. You're supposed to be able to experience your garden or balcony with all your senses.

I've also put my two tomatoes in the corner. The small one on the chair is a cherry tomato called "Tiny Tim" and the one to the left of the chair is another cherry tomato called "Yellow Pear" (that will, surprise, surprise, get yellow, pear shaped tomatoes LOL) So far I've planted some of the sugar peas in the tomato pots but I might move them later. The big plant below the flower box is a Deadly Nightshade/Belladonna that my sister in law insisted that I HAD to have. LOL And I've sown some radishes/rädisor in the black empty looking pot (and even some in the flower boxes LOL)

The sign is left from my 40th birthday a week ago. LOL

The window

The window area looks pretty much the same. As you can tell I've moved down the hydrangea from the table. Hopefully it will get at least SOME shade here, it doesn't like all the sun and heat.

The thing covered with black ugly plastic is my electrical grill. I will try to come up with a fancier looking cover for it later.

A close up of the Hydrangea/Hortensia I got as a birthday gift

Parsley, starwberry and stones

The table

In these flower boxes I've planted runner beans and sweet peas/luktärt. The plants are quite gangly and unimpressive at the moment but hopefully they will start to grow soon. I also plan to add trailing lobelias/hänglobelior to the boxes later on.

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